Saturday, 26 June 2010

My first blog post, hope you enjoy!

Basically i am a makeup and beauty lover, i enjoy doing my own makeup, other peoples makeup, i enjoy watching makeup tutorials, makeup hauls and to be honest i could sit and listen to someone rambling on about makeup for hours. I believe it is an art that takes alot of skill and passion, there is a huge range of makeup brands out in the world and i love experimenting with all kinds. I appreciate quality although i am a sucker for packaging and brand names (I'm sure i am not alone!) I've made this blog to help other people learn more about makeup and to share and recieve tips with any that reads my posts. I'll share as much as i can with you and hopefully you'll enjoy reading it and browsing the many pictures, product reviews and opinions to come! Thankyou, subscribe and anticipate what's yet to come!! Lots of love, Chloe x

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